ALPINA - Holiday Apartements and Serviced Apartements in Bad Tölz

We rent out holiday apartements and serviced apartements in Bad Tölz, upper Bavaria

We offer the widest range of holiday apartements, project apartements and serviced apartements in Bad Tölz.
With three conveniently placed state of the art properties in we are the local market leader for furnished apartements for both vacationers and business travellers.

Foto of house ALPINA Isarleitenweg 6

ALPINA Holiday Apartments
Isarleitenweg 6

28 modern holiday apartments for 1-4 people only 5 minutes walking distance to hte picturesque city center.

Best choice for holiday travellers...


Photo of house ALPINA Rieschstr. 8

ALPINA Project Apartments
Rieschstr. 8

9 project apartments for 2-6 people, quielty located in a side street close to the highway, only 5 minutes walking distance to river Isar.

Best choice for long-term stay and larger groups...


Photo of house ALPINA Kogelweg 4

ALPINA Project Apartments
Kogelweg 4

15 project apartments for 1-3 people, located in a quiet side street, only 1 minute drive to the highway.

Best choice for long-term stay...


Information & Booking

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     ALPINA Vermietungs GmbH
        Rieschstr. 8
        D-83646, Bad Tölz